10 Tips to Create the Perfect Direct Mail Design

Posted on 11/3/2015.

direct mail from news movers mail

Direct mail marketing can give you an impressive return on your marketing investment. However, the difference between a successful and mediocre direct mail campaign is in the details. Here are a few tips to ensure you get great results:


1. Make it personal
Your direct mail marketing to new movers may be some of the first mail they receive. Address recipients by name so they know it’s a special message for them. This makes them feel welcome and more likely to open and respond.


2. Don’t get too clever
It’s entirely possible to overdesign your direct mail postcards. Keep them simple, brief and easy to read. Keep text, paragraphs and font cohesive and simple.


3. Highlight the CTA
Your call to action is the meat of your message. Make sure you are asking recipients for a single, discrete and easy-to-complete action.


4. Interesting wins over impressive
Instead of going for a wow factor, aim for intriguing. Look at our direct mail campaign examples to get some ideas about direct mail messaging that entices people to see what is inside.


5. Match copy and design
Make sure that visuals match the message inside. This means picking fonts, images and a general layout that complement one another. It makes for a more unified and persuasive message.


6. Include the sales message in every item
If your direct mail has multiple elements, it’s possible for them to get separated from one another. If there is a letter, a brochure and a checklist, make sure that you include your contact information and CTA on each.


7. Always proofread
Not everyone cares about spelling and grammar. However, you’ll lose everyone that does if your direct mail postcards and letters are laden with errors. Get at least two sets of eyes on every piece before sending.


8. Put the reader first
When writing a sales letter, don’t talk about your company and product’s features. Highlight how what you offer benefits the reader. By focusing on how you address his/her wants and needs, you are better able to establish a fruitful relationship.


9. Include something nice
Everyone loves little gifts. Direct mail marketing to new movers can include items like new address labels or a magnet with important local information. Plus, gifts create the need for reciprocity; making it more likely readers will respond to your marketing message.


10. Follow up!
Prospects rarely convert after a single message. In today’s hyper-connected environment, there is no reason for a direct mail message to stand alone. Connect it with an email follow-up or a website that gives more information.

Direct mail puts your business in your prospects’ hands. Talk to us today about the best way to market your company through the mail.


direct mail from news movers mail