Are You Using Your Customer Profiles Effectively?

Posted on 04/21/2015.

In previous posts, we discussed how to identify your ideal customers, and how to create buyer personas that further define those ideal customers.

So, now that you’ve done all that work…what do you do with these things?

That’s the good news: You can do a lot with your customer profiles. In fact, they should help you create your entire marketing strategy, centered around what your customers really want, what they’re interested in, and where they most want to hear from you.

Personalize Your Message

One of the biggest benefits of a buyer persona is that it lets you fine-tune your marketing message to speak directly to your customers. Instead of sounding like you’re talking to an anonymous, generic audience (or worse, speaking to the wrong audience altogether and sounding tone-deaf), you can create materials that address the specific wants, needs, and problems of your customers.

Speak Their Language

Is your audience largely made up of young adults? A lively Twitter feed with savvy use of hashtags and text-speak might be the best way to reach them. On the other hand, if your audience is mostly middle-aged businessmen, both the platform and message will be different.

Your buyer persona research should have revealed where your customers spend most of their online time, on which channels they prefer to receive marketing messages, and other key information you can use to tailor your voice to speak directly to them.

Use Their Language Wisely

There’s another way in which knowing how your customers think and speak can help you: In optimizing your website for search.

Knowing what phrasing your customers are likely to use when searching for you and your products can have a huge impact on your search results.

Use the Right Technology

Are your customers all smartphone users…or do they prefer their phone to be a phone and their computer to be their portal to the internet?

If users can only accept an offer from you via a smartphone app, you’d better be sure the majority of them actually have the right devices. And if you’ve got an Android-loving customer base, then creating an iOS-only app is going to be a massive waste of resources.

Plan Your Strategy…and Where to Spend Your Marketing Budget

With such in-depth information about your ideal customers, you’ll know which channels to focus your energy and budget on. Got mostly Facebook users? Maybe you can let the Twitter account slide. Most of your customers prefer to receive messages from you via direct mail? That might be a better use of your budget than hiring a social media consultant.

Buyer personas can do a lot of the heavy lifting in your marketing, if you use them wisely. Dig into the data you have on your customers, and be creative in using it to reach, inform, and engage your customers. You may find that the ROI for building those personas is priceless.