When new renters, homeowners and business owners relocate to your Kentucky town, are they going to find out about you? NewMoversMail, leader among direct mail marketing companies in Kentucky, makes sure the answer to this question is yes. We use direct mail services in Kentucky to get your products or services in front of new movers, right when they’re in a prime position to buy. Whether you offer home goods, furniture, pet supplies, hair styling, dental services or pizza, there is a good chance that the people who are new to your community are already looking for what you sell. Let them know you’re around by targeting them through direct marketing. In Kentucky, NewMoversMail helps you take advantage of the unique window of opportunity that exists with new movers — so you can boost business in the process.

How Direct Mail Marketing to New Movers Works

The beauty of running a direct mail campaign with NewMoversMail is that we make targeting movers easier — and more effective — than ever. Backed by real data on new movers in the area, our campaigns have a low price point, no contracts and no minimum fees. You can design, submit and manage your campaign online, as well as choose the part of Kentucky to specifically target. What’s more, because we’re so sure you’ll see results with our direct mail marketing, we provide an easy way to track your return on investment, in real time, with our user-friendly metrics app. When it comes to reaching new movers who are ready to spend, NewMoversMail is your best resource.

Perks of Direct Marketing for Business Owners in Kentucky

From Louisville to Lexington and everywhere in between, running a successful business in Kentucky requires staying ahead of the competition. NewMoversMail gives you a way to target a ready-to-buy audience through mail sent straight to their new addresses. Whether you sell home goods or landscaping services, NewMoversMail gives you the exposure to attract potential customers right when they’re already looking for you.

Why Working with NewMoversMail Makes Sense

Among direct mail marketing companies in Kentucky, NewMoversMail stands out because we understand the lifecycle of movers and we use that knowledge to target mail messages. As the company behind the nation’s largest weekly new mover campaign, we also get your information in front of your target audience first — before any of your competitors have a chance to reach them. Our data, coupled with our weekly mailings, ensures you reach the right individuals at the right time. Whether you sell outdoor lighting or mattresses, cleaning services or graphic design, NewMoversMail can help you reach your target audience.

Are you interested in connecting with new movers in your part of Kentucky? Contact us at NewMoversMail today.