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Whether they’re making improvements to their home before putting it on the market or are beginning to decorate their new home, new movers rely on home improvement stores during the move preparation stage, the moving stage, and the settling in stage.

Our data approach is a great fit for home improvement retailers because we can recognize which stage of the new mover lifecycle your prospect is in so that you can send targeted messages to them based on where they are at in the moving process.


One of the first orders of business for a new mover who is a pet owner is to find the local pet shop. By participating in a, you’ll beat your competitors to the mailbox and ensure that the local pet shop that they find and make their own is yours.

Fantastic Sams

Shortly after a move, new movers start looking for a place to get their haircut. By getting in your prospects mailbox first with a targeted direct mail piece from, you’re more likely to bring them in your door and turn them into lifetime customers.

When you take our 67 cents per piece price point and factor it into the lifetime value of a customer, the result is an ROI that you can’t beat.


As new movers start to settle into their new homes, they begin purchasing home furnishings and accessories. With a direct mail campaign, you are able to directly reach the prospects in your area who are ready and willing to buy.

Cox Communications

60% of new movers change their service provider and 42% upgrade their services after a move. Most purchasing decisions for services such as cable and internet providers are made during the new mover life cycle. A new movers direct mail campaign allows you to target your prospects exactly when they are making their purchasing decision.


With a new space to decorate, new movers need picture frames, artwork, flower arrangements, and many more products that craft stores such as Michael’s offer. The options they have of where to go to purchase these items are endless, but when they receive an appealing offer in the mailbox from your company they are more likely to come to your store.

Wondering what other types of businesses are a good fit for our new movers direct mail program? Below are some of the additional industries that we are currently managing new movers direct mail programs for.

Pizza Stores

Moving can be a stressful and time consuming experience, which means that new movers don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing dinner. 62% of new movers order pizza in the time period right after their move. If you’re the first pizza store to reach them with a targeted new mover offer for a free or discounted pizza, the higher chance you have of making them a repeat, lifetime customer.


70% of new movers need a new dentist. With a new movers direct mail campaign from, dentists can reach potential new patients at the crucial time when they are actually in need of a new dentist. can help you reach these potential new patients before your competitors, giving you a better chance

Flooring Stores

Flooring is something that new movers typically update before or after a move. Whether they’re replacing carpet to help sell their old home or want to install new hardwood floors before they move into their new home, the flooring industry is a great fit for our new movers direct mail program. Our unbeatable premovers and postmovers data can help you reach these new movers at the perfect time when they’re ready to buy.


19% of new movers need a painting company to help update and personalize their new home. With’s unbeatable premovers and postmovers data, you can reach prospective customers at the exact moment when they are making purchasing decisions for their new home or need help touching up their old home for resale purposes.

Outdoor Lighting

Many new movers opt to add an outdoor lighting system to their new home to showcase their home’s beauty and add additional security. By targeting prospective outdoor lighting customers immediately after their move, you are able to reach them when they have an immediate need for your outdoor lighting services, and as a result, you have a higher chance of winning their business.

Blinds, Shutters & Window Treatments

Blinds, shutters, and window treatments are some of the first purchases new movers make for their new home, making a window treatment company a great fit for our new movers direct mail program.

Home Theater Systems

New movers are 386% more likely to buy a home theater system than non-movers. That number is huge! Take advantage of the opportunity to target prospective customers at the exact moment that they’re ready to buy, with a direct mail marketing program from

Mattress Stores

Movers are 6x more likely to outspend non-movers on bedroom furnishings, including mattresses. This makes sense because in a lot of instances, new movers are moving into a larger home than what they previously lived in. Which means that their new home has more bedrooms and requires more mattresses than what they previously owned. By being the first mattress company to reach them with a targeted offer, you have a higher chance of winning their business.

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