New Movers Marketing for Franchise Businesses

Managing a business franchise is often complicated. In addition to ensuring that each franchise acts in accordance with changes made by the corporate office, marketing becomes more difficult with each additional location. What works in one area doesn’t necessarily work in another. Keeping up with all of these nuances can make your head spin. What’s worse, it can also result in missed sales opportunities.

What if there was a different way to market in each of your distinct business areas? What if you could use the same strategy in all of your locations, and what if that strategy was equally effective everywhere?

Why You Should Market to New Movers
People who are new to a given area are starting from scratch. They have no pre-existing biases or loyalties. They’re ready to embrace their new lives, and they’re willing to give a new business a shot — provided you get to them first.

Want further proof that new movers are the way to go?

  • 40 million Americans move each year
  • 80 percent of new movers try new services and products from local businesses
  • 80 percent of new movers redeem coupons throughout the moving process
  • Homeowners spend $9,400 before and after their move
  • Renters spend nearly $4,000 as they move


Those two final numbers are key. People who move are already spending a lot of money. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to provide a great deal to people who desperately need one.

How Can Help
Marketing to new movers is a terrific idea, but it’s virtually impossible to do without the right resources. You need to identify who’s moving and the demographics of those people, as well as where they’re moving to. Most importantly, you need to get there first, before your competition even knows there’s a new customer in the neighborhood.

That’s where comes in. With’s direct mail marketing program, you can reach new movers before your competitors with our unique new movers data approach and weekly mailings.

Here’s what else your franchise business gets with

  • Easy online sign-up and ordering process
  • Online editing of projects and data gathering — no need to call and speak to a customer service representative every time
  • Online dashboard showing how many pieces have been sent to new movers, as well as the response rate of those pieces
  • All franchise locations can be managed from one centralized hub
  • Weekly credit card charges — no invoicing
  • Franchise owners can manage their own campaigns with approval from the corporate office
  • Corporate office can white-label the service so that franchisees will think the campaign is being executed by the corporate office

Combining efficient marketing with a powerful group of customers is a given. That’s why is a win for everyone. Franchises will see a consistent batch of new customers, and those customers will appreciate being welcomed to the neighborhood by a local business that provides exactly what they need.


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