How Mobile Can Boost Your Direct Mail Response

Posted on 09/23/2014.

Between 2010 and the end of 2013, mobile e-commerce grew from $2.2 billion to a whopping $42.8 billion, according to a July 2014 report by Custora.

The report, titled ‘Custora E-Commerce Pulse Mobile Report’,┬ásays that mobile shopping is set to become a $50 billion market by the end of this year. That makes mobile an important part of your marketing mix.

The good news is, you can integrate mobile with your direct mail campaign to improve your response rates and grab a healthy chunk of that market. Here are some tips to get you started:

Define your audience.

Do you know if the majority of your customers own smartphones and/or tablets? Do they have Android devices vs. Apple products? Do they spend a lot of time on social sites, reading news, or looking for coupons with their mobile devices?

The more you know about your audience, the better you’ll be able to tailor the message you give them. For example, if you know you’ve got a lot of coupon clippers on your list, giving them a coupon they can redeem via text message or QR code will likely be a big hit.

An effective campaign starts with a great mailing list, but you should also be collecting as much information about your customers as you can, so your next campaign brings an even higher return. Great ways to collect this information include asking for a name and email in order to redeem an offer, conducting short surveys, and tracking which offers get the biggest response.

Just be sure you don’t ask for too much information at one time. Start with just name and email, and build your knowledge of that customer over time and multiple points of contact.

Optimize for mobile.

This is especially important if you’re including a QR code on your direct mail piece, which can only be scanned by a smart device. Your code has to send the recipient to a mobile-friendly website or landing page.

You can either use a responsive website design that adjusts the display when someone visits from a mobile device, or build a mobile site from scratch. Either way, designing your site with mobile users in mind ensures that they won’t be distracted or frustrated by trying to navigate, and can focus on your message.

When creating your mobile site or landing page, be sure to use the same (or similar) design elements as your direct mail piece. Your message on the site also needs to follow naturally from the message on your direct mail piece — if you make these messages too different, they’ll confuse your customers.

Provide multiple choices for contact.

Finally, you need to give your customers multiple ways to get in touch with you if they’re interested in your offer. A QR code is great, but you also need to provide your phone number and website address for those who can’t (or don’t know how to) scan it.

Providing these choices also puts more power in the customer’s hands, making them more inclined to follow up on your offer. Make it as easy as possible for them to respond.

With more and more people buying mobile devices and doing more of their shopping with them, mobile is becoming an essential component of your marketing mix. By combining direct mail and mobile, you can enjoy a bigger ROI and gain more loyal customers.