Free Webinar – How to Turn New Movers into Your New Customers

Posted on 07/17/2014.

Businesses lose 20 – 40 % of their customers every year. With customer attrition being so high, new customer acquisition is critical in order to make up for the loss, but where do you find these new customers?

With over 45 million people moving in the U.S. each year, new movers are a natural replacement for lost customers.  Find out how to take advantage of this lucrative new movers market by attending How to Turn New Movers into Your New Customers, a free webinar next Wednesday, July 23rd at 11 am EDT.

In this webinar, Courtney Tobe, Marketing Manager for Tobe Direct, one of the nation’s leading direct marketing firms, will speak to the value of the new movers market for small to medium sized businesses, and provide attendees with a clear strategy to turn new movers into their new customers.

This webinar will cover:

  • The value of the new movers market to your business
  • The key to a successful new movers marketing campaign
  • The power of direct mail marketing
  • And much more!

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