“Ride him Toni. I would like to view him bang you.” Chrissy asked for.

Posted on 10/8/2020.

“Ride him Toni. I would like to view him bang you.” Chrissy asked for.

We straddled their cock and slid him in gradually. Their big cock felt so excellent until he was all the way inside me as I took him inch by inch. We viewed Chrissy sitting right right back fingering her pussy that is wet watching.

“Does she have a pussy that is nice?” Chrissy asked.

“Sure does. This woman is tight and nice.” Bob replied.

Bob proceeded fucking my pussy. Following a minutes that are few Chrissy got up from the sofa and relocated behind me personally and knelt straight down. Out of the blue she was felt by me free lesbian sex videos tongue teasing my arse. We reached my hand around and went my hand through her locks.

“Oh my god that feels so good. Do not stop.” We stated between moans.

Bob distribute their legs further apart, and I also could feel Chrissy using my pussy while Bobs cock continues to slip inside and outside. Chrissy pulled Bobs cock out and began drawing it, then slid it straight straight back inside of me personally. Bob proceeded fucking my pussy while Chrissy continued having fun with my pussy and arse. Following moment Chrissy pulled Bobs cock away again and sucked it, while Bob began drawing my nipples and groping my breasts. Chrissy began slapping Bobs cock against my damp pussy, then teased me by inserting your head of their cock inside me personally, then pulling it down over and over repeatedly. The experience ended up being amazing.

“Oh god, oh god. Do not’ stop. I am cumming.” We screamed.

Chrissy pressed Bobs cock back in me as we exploded and came all over it.

“Oh my god, fuck me difficult Bob. Fuck me personally.” We proceeded to scream.

Bob proceeded beating their cock deeper and harder as my orgasm proceeded. As my human body slumped ahead on Bobs chest, Chrissy pulled their cock away and gradually sucked my cum down their cock.

“Mmmmmm you taste so good Toni.” Stated Chrissy as she proceeded drawing.

Chrissy got up and aided me up from the floor. She took my hand and led us to the bed room and lay me straight down on my straight back, regarding the sleep. She moved her human body over me personally positioning us in a 69 place, and began licking my damp pussy. We placed my fingers on her behalf arse and spread her aside. We pulled her in close and tasted her wet pussy. I possibly could feel her tongue checking out every section of my pussy, and she appeared to understand precisely the things I liked. Bob ended up being standing to your relative part stroking their cock, viewing my tongue licking the juices off their spouse’s pussy.

After a short while bob knelt over my mind and slid their cock in Chrissy’s pussy. When I seemed up, i possibly could see their cock sliding inside and out, along with his balls slapping against her pussy. This seemed so hot and it absolutely was getting me perthereforenally so excited. We relocated my tongue closer and began licking Bob’s balls. Bob squeezed their cock and held it deep inside Chrissy permitting my tongue to lick and tease him much much longer before he slid their cock all of the way to avoid it. Bob held their cock and squeezed it against Chrissy’s arse.

“Oh yes honey bang my arse.” Chrissy requested.

I watched her arse slowly simply just take each of Bobs cock. We continued licking her pussy and might feel she ended up being getting so damp.

“Oh Bob, oh Bob, yes, yes i am cumming.” Chrissy screamed.

We relocated my tongue near to her pussy tasting her as she arrived all over me personally. She tasted amazing, along with her pussy exploded with so cum that is much.

“which was honey that is amazing. What about Toni continues on top now you fuck her.” Chrissy requested so I can watch.

Bob slid their cock out and Chrissy lay from the sleep. We placed myself in addition to Chrissy and began licking her extremely delicate pussy. I felt Chrissy’s tongue planning to work with my pussy licking me all over as Bob move around in behind me personally and slid his cock gradually directly into my pussy. Their cock felt so great.

“You’re right honey, her pussy is quite tight. Even with your big cock happens to be inside her.”

“I would like to visit your big cock extend her arse.” Chrissy asked for.

“Oh god yes. Fuck my arse.”

Bob slid their cock away from my pussy and placed himself willing to split my arse. He gradually pressed their cock in, and I also felt the top enter before he slowly fed me personally the remainder. Gradually he slid it inside and out. It did not just take very long before I became willing to cum once again.

“God, oh god. That seems so great. Yes, yes. I am cumming, I am cumming, I’m cumming.” We screamed.